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The 2009 summer hit "Star Trek" put that extra boost in the popular science fiction franchise that has everybody wanting more. As soon as the film started making it's waves through the box office, it was merely a matter of time before questions started to rise about when filming would start up for the next feature.

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The Final Frontier: The Science of Star Trek : Scientific American

Shortly before its decommissioning in 2285, Kirk took the Enterprise --  against orders -- to the Genesis Planet to rescue a rejuvinated Spock. It was also here that the vessel was destroyed by Kirk when threatened by Klingon capture.

The ship arguably gained its status as the most famous space-exploration vessel in history due to its historic five-year mission from 2264-2269. During this mission, Enterprise encounted the Romulans for the first time since the Romulan-Earth conflict, engaged the robotic "Planet Killer" vessel, traveled back in time to 20th-Century Earth, and played host to Khan Noonien Singh, a product of late-20th Century genetic engineering who once fought in the Eugenics Wars.

Trailer Released for Star Trek Infinite Space

The new website includes a couple of pieces of concept art (see below) along with some details about the game including:

  • The release date is scheduled for Summer 2011
  • The game uses Unity3D (browser plugin), no additional download is necessary
  • To ensure that a full Star Trek feeling is achieved, Star Trek experts are assisting us
  • Choose between two playable factions: Join the Federation or become a Klingon
  • The game is set in the Deep Space Nine

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